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5 Reasons to Opt for Access Control Systems

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Commercial Locksmithing |

Security is a major concern in offices, banks and other such places where there is confidential material that needs to be guarded. These buildings use high-security systems because conventional lock and key systems cannot do the job. One such type of high-security system is known as access control system. It is an electronic version of the master key system. Access control system is a technique for security that controls who can have an access to a certain resource through computer software. Access control systems are of two types either logical or physical. The physical access control systems manage access to buildings, campuses or offices whereas logical access control systems regulate access to specific files or documents. If you are confused about which high-security lock to opt for, then here are five reasons that will help you assess how access control systems are superior to others.

1. No fear of duplication of keys or cards

The keys or cards that provide access to the access control systems are electronic and it is difficult to duplicate them as the data that is used to operate them is stored in the computer’s system. So you know that your confidential belongings are safe and sound without any fear of going into the wrong hands.

2. No need for replacement of locks

Other conventional locking systems can get faulty at times and require replacement. However, in the case of access control systems, one does not need to worry about replacing a lock or key. Furthermore, if a key is lost in deadbolt or mailbox locking systems, then you need to replace the lock if the keys are lost because of the fear of the keys going into wrong hands while on the other hand in case of access control systems if the card or key of user is lost it is deleted from the memory and a new one is issued to the user and activated.

3. Flexibility

This system is highly flexible as any person who needs to have access to an additional place or building, his and his identity card’s number are fed into the system to grant him the access. Similarly, in the case of denying a person access to a certain area, for example, an employee who has resigned, his data is removed from the data of the system. Thus, this system is highly flexible as changes can be made in few seconds only.

4. Saved History

The system is very helpful in keeping a security check as it saves completely history of the people who opted for access as well as the time of access. This is really helpful in tracking thieves or frauds from within the company and the saved history can be used as important evidence against them.

5. Individual Settings for everyone

It is a very useful security system as it can be customized for every person according to his responsibilities and position. The central computer which is controlled by the in charge can grant or deny access to any person from any specific area without having to change the software.