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Our professional emergency respond team is available 24/7 to give you fast roadside assistance and lockout service. We are at your service in case you need on-site cutting, on-site fix with any type of automotive key or lock, or if you require help with replacing jammed ignitions.

24/7 Lockout

Locked out? Need on-site assistance? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our top rated experts are ready to service 24/7.

Transponder Keys

Transponder key contains a chip that disarms a vehicle immobiliser when the car key is used to start the engine.
Our experts will help you replace or reprogram your transponder key if such service is needed.

On-Site Installation

Our sophisticated locksmith team respond and arrive promptly to provide you the service you need where ever you are.


Key Extraction

Ever broke off a key in a lock? Let our specialists make this task execute easier than you have ever thought! Our locksmith’s pros can extract any broken key with the assistance of one of our top-rated specialists.

Jammed Ignitions

Using the most advanced automotive locksmith tools and having all the necessary skills to fix or replace stuck ignition that does not work.

VAT System Keys

VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System) was introduced by GM in 1986 to help the preventions of stolen vehicles. Our experts use an ohm meter to decode a vats key making it very simple to service our customers.

Laser Cut Keys

Dealing with your dealership is a hassle. We are capable to create almost any high-security car key for most automotive brands and models

Car Door Lock

If your car locks are keeping you out of your car or may it be electricity or hardware issues causing the problem with your car door lock, we have the perfect technicians that will best suit your service.


Over ten years of being the most efficient locksmith company in the U.S., we continue to provide professional same day service and a fair competitive market price for our residential customers. Whether it’s repairing or replacing fingerprint or digital locks, our Highly skilled techs can take care of that for you. Working around the clock, 24 hour Locksmith experts are ready to assist you promptly in any lockout service.

Door Unlocking

Locked yourself out? Breaking and entering can cost you more or cause you physical harm. Contact us at any time. Whether you lost your key or broke it off in the lock, we will assist you with our top rated techs, 24/7.


Bump Proof Locks

Want to be protected from lock bumping, a technique that makes many homes an easy target for intruders? Let us introduce you with some high tech lock solutions to keep your home safe.

On-Site Installation

A deadbolt lock keeps a home much safer than your average doorknob, but only when installed properly. Our technicians will install the proper deadbolt to give you the satisfaction of feeling secured in your home.

Lock Replacement

Moved to a new home or having an old or damaged locks? Not a problem! Our locksmith’s technicians carry a wide variety of lock brands and colors that will match your design and security needs.

Peephole and MailBox

A peephole can increase your safety by preventing having to open the door to a stranger you don’t trust. Missing your mailbox keys? Our locksmiths will be able to replace your old mailbox lock and provide you with a new set of keys.

Child Proofing Locks

How to protect our children, our most precious treasures. A double sided deadbolt lock can do the job. Contact us to find the best child proofing locks, helping you prevent a tragedy and making your home a safer place for your children.

Lock Rekeying

Rekeying is the optimal solution when you don’t want to change the whole lock as it is faster and more economical. Locksmiths Near Me techs are skilled to rekey most of the locks brands even if the original keys are not presents.

Key Creation

You need a new key, but do not have the original? We can make it happen! We can make you copies straight from the lock using our most advanced tools and the highly tested skills from our locksmith experts.


Just like your home, your business also needs protection. We have the best commercial locksmith team that is available 24/7. Providing an emergency response team available to service you with lockouts or new installations service. Our top-rated team can guarantee a professional and efficient job whether it be for your office, shop, warehouse, etc.

Door Unlocking

Based on solid experience our experts can recommend and install the best high
security locks from Mul-T-Lock, Medeco or ASSA to best protect your business property.

Door Hardware

Door Hardware is the foundation of securing your property because it is as safe as the door that protects it. Contact us to recommend and install the best appropriate hardware for your business!

Lock Works

Want to make sure that your business is safe? Call us to install, repair or re-key the locks of your office, warehouse or shop. We work fast and we provide you with safe, trustworthy solutions.

Push Bars

Push bars or panic bars are mandatory in many places for fire safety; they allow people exit easily without turning knobs. We help to choose the right push bar and set it up for you!

Master Key Systems

We can set you a safe master key system where you, as the owner or supervisor, only need one master key to open all the doors, while your employees have only access to doors they should.

Buzzer Entry

If you considering door buzzer entry systems? That’s can be the perfect addition to the security of your business property and can be very useful in a business setting.

Access Control, CCTV

We offer a wide range of digital technology to supervise your premises and record who and when entered or approached it. Contact us so as our specialists can prepare you a customized system offer!


Safe and Vault

Electronic or traditional type, gun safe, high security filing cabinet, office safe, vault, depository safe or safe deposit box – we know how to repair them, replace broken parts or fix any type of issues.